Any Takers?

I am so of the many things that our family got for Christmas was just the most adorable puppy, Bella. She is a miniature daschund that Justin just had to have. I didn't want to be taken with her at first but it was very hard not to..until we had her for about 4 days. It was "a new adventure" at first to see all the messes that she was getting into, and we cleaned them up without complaint. But now we've had her for about a week and that "new funness" is wearing a little thin.

We've been trying to crate train her and get her to sleep in there at night, but for the last two nights she whined for the entire night! She also doesn't do anything outside except play and try to eat things that she definitely shouldn't be eating. Justin just called to tell me that he went home and walked her for about 20 minutes and she immediately came inside and relieved herself on the hall rug! He is livid and is looking for any takers at this point, but I feel terrible because we made a commitment and I don't want to go back on this one. We'll give it a few more weeks and then decide, but if anyone has any ideas I would absolutely love to hear them.

So, I am excited because tonight I am going to try out doing my first food blog! I have been looking at these for the past few days and I am in love! I love to cook and figured that it wouldn't be too hard to take pictures of my adventures and talk about them.

First Blog!

My name is Allie, and I'm not new to the blogging world in any sense. I owned a website a few years ago called, but gave it up when I realized that I didn't have any time for it. I'm not really interested in gaining a million people on here to follow my boring life, but my goal is to have an outlet to explore my pretty eclectic tastes and talk about the stuff going on with me!

I love to cook, so you can expect to see recipes and things of that nature on here. I'm also debating about whether or not to join the folks over at The Daring Kitchen with their monthly challenges, so you may see that too!

Hope everyone had a great boyfriend proposed! Omgosh I was so surprised! I had no idea that was coming, and I have no idea how he pulled it off (he's terrible at keeping secrets!).

Thanks to suckmylolly at for the template, even though I will probably change it soon :)

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